Aloha, my name is Mermaid Ululani. I am a local girl,  born and raised on Maui. I grew up swimming almost everyday, ever since my dad threw me in the ocean when I was only a couple of months old. I sunk but eventually got the hang of it and nothing could keep me from the ocean, it’s my happy place.

One of my favorite hobbies is treasure hunting in the ocean. I love finding different shells, I have quite the collection by now. My one rule is to not take any home that have any little creatures living inside. I love to make shell jewelry with my findings, each piece is different and unique.  When I’m out there looking around, I also come back with a dive bag full of trash. Unfortunately sometimes there’s more trash than treasure, but I think of it as a fair trade. I can have some shells as long as I take some trash with me too. 

My other passion is photography. As a photographer I specialize in families, kids, and weddings.  But what’s really unique is the Mermaid photoshoots I do on Maui’s south shore beaches. I use the shells I find to make fun props, costumes, shell tops and crowns to complete the Mermaid transformation. It’s a fun and different shoot for all ages, and a cool way for me to share my love for Maui’s beaches. It’s also a great way to create one of a kind memories for those who are visitors to Maui. 

I have a Bachelors Degree in Environmental Studies from the University of Hawaii, which taught me the importance of Earth’s ecosystems and how fragile they really are. Especially the ocean, which just in my life time I’ve been witness to the many changes in our local reefs and coastlines here on Maui. 

You might ask ‘what makes you a mermaid?’ Well my answer  is that anyone can be a mermaid, as long as they have love for the ocean and respect for the nature that surrounds it. 

I hope as a Maui Mermaid I am able to share my love and passion for our ocean while imprinting on those who are visitors the importance of our delicate ecosystem on this island. In turn creating future mermaids to appreciate and protect the ocean and all her beauty.